Career Excel is designed by two highly successful women who share their strategies to benefit women at every age and stage of their career. The program reflects the underlying, and not-so-obvious, challenges that typically hold women back more so than men. Research indicates that most soft skills are gender neutral and fail to address gender-specific “derailers”–skill sets like assertion and self-promotion that men don’t necessarily need training for, but that adversely impact women. Compounding the problem, most training programs fail to address gender dynamics. Career Excel is uniquely structured to solve for these deficits by focusing on female perspectives and how to manage differing viewpoints that create barriers for personal growth.

How Career Excel Can Help You

Learning how to navigate and overcome challenges is a valuable skill—one you can continue to develop and apply over the course of your life. Career Excel provides you with proven strategies to positively impact your personal and professional life. Eighteen unique soft skills training sessions, specifically designed for women, will help you:

Break the Ceiling

Understand how to clarify and realize your career goals, climb the corporate ladder and break through the glass ceiling with confidence.

Outperform Challenges

Embrace career challenges, discover how to overcome them and use those experiences to outperform in the future.

Identify Progress Blockers

Get “unstuck” quickly by identifying “progress blockers” like confusion and self-doubt that impede personal growth and contribute to stress.

Hone Your Focus

Gain clarity and hone your focus to define a clear path towards achieving future goals.

Design Your "Blue Sky"

Define and design your “blue sky” so you can achieve your personal and professional dreams.

Become More Self-Aware

Learn to recognize your emotions, thoughts and feelings so you can question yourself, challenge limiting beliefs (aka “thought toxins”), and concentrate on what really matters.

Take Control Of Your Time

Don’t waste time—maximize it. Build your sense of personal accountability and avoid procrastination. Spend your reclaimed hours on family vacations and guilt-free movie nights with friends to improve your work/life balance.

Identify Your Board of Directors

Identify your “Personal Board of Directors” to build allies who can help advance your career.

Own Your Success

Control your career path. When you encounter a problem, you are empowered to solve it.

Embrace Positivity

Approach all aspects of your life with unbridled positivity. Treat each day as an opportunity to achieve more while inspiring others to create positive change in their own lives.

Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Build your confidence through interactive activities that help you catalogue your achievements and development skills to recognize when you are holding yourself back. Your newfound confidence will boost your professional independence so you can finish projects on your own without soliciting advice from colleagues.

Improve Your Communication

Learn how to sell yourself to enhance your credibility and secure the job or promotion.

Boost Your Creativity

Seek out fresh perspectives that can lead to more productive solutions for personal and professional problems.

Bonus: Linked In Group

Access to our closed Linked In group where other like-minded career women share their knowledge, wins, challenges and questions while leaning on each other for support!