I have taken many other courses. How is Career Excel different?

Career Excel is NOT another online course or group. It is the most comprehensive career development resource available online. No other program offers the same depth or breadth of curriculum. What’s more, Career Excel has been specifically designed for women by two successful career women who understand the unique challenges we face. Our unique combination of the latest research, psychological theory and professional experience arms you with the strategies and support you need to advance your career and achieve your potential.

Career Excel is structured to provide optimal flexibility for its members. The 18-week program includes one webinar training module per week that you can watch on your schedule—whether that’s early in the morning, after the kids are asleep or on your commute. You will also receive downloadable worksheets, live group coaching calls (if your organization has opted for them) and a professional support network of like-minded career women. This holistic program provides you with the accountability, guidance and ongoing support you need to kickstart your career, realize your goals and set an achievable path for future development.

How much does it cost to be a Career Excel member?

Career Excel is currently only offered through sponsoring organizations. Are you interested in the program for your own organization? If you are a leader in Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Learning and Development, the Women’s Business Networking Group/Leadership Program/Employee Resource Group Executive and want information on pricing, please contact us directly at info@careerexcel.us. We would love to learn about your organization and how we can help.

If you are not in one of those types of roles, and your company or association does not offer Career Excel, please tell your leadership team about the program. If you are interested in being a part of the Career Excel community, you can join the team on LinkedIn or Facebook. The next time we offer open enrollment, you will be the first to know!

What topics does Career Excel cover?

Career Excel empowers women like you to be fearless—at work and in life. As a result, the course curriculum covers a broad range of valuable topics to help you achieve your professional goals.

What career stage should I be at to fully benefit from the Career Excel program?

The Career Excel curriculum caters to all career levels, challenges and needs. Whether you are a young professional, newly appointed manager, middle to senior level career professional or woman returning to the workforce, the program’s focus on soft skills development can make a significant difference for you.